Investir au Sénégal

  • Le Sénégal est un pays de droit, doté d'une structure de démocratie ancienne et d'une stabilité politique sans pareil en Afrique.

  • Ses ressources humaines sont de haute qualité, issues des multiples institutions professionnelles et académiques du pays et formées dans les universités et grandes écoles les plus prestigieuses du monde.

  • Des conditions géographiques exceptionnelles et des infrastructures modernes Situé à la pointe la plus occidentale du continent africain, au confluent de l’Europe, de l’Afrique et des Amériques, le Sénégal constitue un important carrefour des grandes routes maritimes et aériennes.

  • Le Sénégal est à 6 heures de l’Europe et à 7 heures des Etats-Unis par avion. Dakar est à la croisée de plusieurs routes maritimes et présente un réel avantage comparatif pour le fret maritime. La liaison s’effectue en moins de 6 jours vers l’Europe et en 7 jours vers les Etats-Unis.

With a population of 15 726 037 inhabitants, Senegal is one of the largest democracies in Africa and the most stable country in the ECOWAS region of which it is a member.
With one of the largest reserves of phosphate in the world, it is a major producer and exporter of acids and fertilizers.
With the recent discoveries of iron, gas and oil deposits and forecasts of significant exploitation whose initial investments have already begun, Senegal is entering a phase of complete change in its economy.

The country intends to rely on low-cost electricity generation and the development of a metallurgical industry to become a real economic power.

A business friendly environment

Senegal has managed to develop the necessary legal and regulatory instruments to facilitate economic activities, encourage investment and ensure conditions of fair competition between companies.

Business law is governed by the Treaty of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), which helps to secure the legal environment for businesses.

Administrative formalities for the carrying out economic activities have been simplified by setting up a single point of contact within APIX, which facilitates all administrative formalities for creating or modifying companies, and manages approvals related to the Investment Code and Free Export Enterprise Status.

Investors can also rely on powerful support and promotion structures and world-class banking and financial services.